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Robin Ashley Commercial

Our commercial portfolio covers a range of sectors and use-cases, with a particular focus on motor-trade


Who we Are

Robin Ashley Architects is a small group of highly motivated and intelligent designers.

We work hard to achieve the highest standards in all our endeavours, using the best techniques and technology available to us, to provide the best service we can to our Clients. Central to our success has been a philosophy which puts the Client at the heart of the design process:

  • Developing a comprehensive brief
  • Identifying obstacles to achievement
  • Reducing cost risk
  • Actively managing the programme

As a consequence, the overwhelming majority of our work is though referral or repeat business. We have developed a practical, flexible and transparent approach which understands the building process, reduces risk during the construction phase and integrates sustainability into the design process. It has proved to be equally applicable to extending a house as to masterplanning a new business park. As it is exactly the same people who work on the project as wrote the original fee proposal, there is a strong incentive for the project to succeed!


Imagine what you could build with us

Our Design Workshop process helps clients' visualise the construction process from start to finish.

The latest from our blog

RAA Journal covers our thoughts on the most important recent trends, ideas, and key challenges affecting consumer and commercial projects.