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the 3rd sector:


We've worked with a wide variety of organisations within the voluntary / non-governmental / third sector.

These include churches of various denominations, charity run training organisations, village and community groups and a number of studies and projects for schools, including:

  • Treeton Village Hall
  • Creswell Village Hall
  • St Mary's, Sheffield
  • Ecclesall Infant School
  • Ecclesall Junior School
  • The All Pakistan Women's Association

Although the projects have all been very different, they all share the same needs:

  • strict budgetry controls
  • committee based reporting and approvals structures
  • a pressing need to minimise project risk

We have developed the skills to manage the progress of projects within strict financial limits, controlling and explaining the process in a transparent manner to lay stakeholders. Our way of working minimises the risk in financical aspects and other key deliverables, whilst balancing aspiration with viable out turn.

We have been successful in a number of funding bids, including for Treeton Village Hall which was supported by a grant of £xx from the national lottery xx fund, which was fundamental for their new commnity hall project.


Training project - central Sheffield

Training project - Rotherham

Our projects in the third sector include work for the governors of three different schools, a charity run training project, village halls, community groups and devotional spaces for a variety of denominations.