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Private houses:

Internal courtyard, new house, Storrs

One of the most satisfying roles in architecture is working with our clients to create their new home - either on a clear site or using one or more existing buildings.

We have an established skill base which helps lead us to a succesful out turn, including:

  • developing a comprehenisve brief
  • navigating the regulatory maze
  • balancing client side design input the progress of the project
  • developing technical solutions to match client side construction input - as much or as little as you require
  • cost management to minimise financial risk

and can call on the support of a network of specialists to address specific issues.

We have an established track record of successfully delivering new homes beyond the settlement envelope or in rural settings.

If you are keen on self building, you might like to follow this link to our selfbuild page.

If sustainability is important for your project, follow this link to learn about our specific expertise in that area .

You can see more of our projects by clicking on the Houzz badge below:

Remodeling and Home Design

New build house in Hampshire
Since 2002 we have helped to create more than 20 individual new homes, both new build + by converting existing buildings!
Barn Conversion - North Nottinghmanshire New house in Storrs