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CDM Regulations: the role of the Client and the Principal Designer

There was a significant change to the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) when the latest version came into force on 06 April 2015.

The latest amendment imposed new duties on both domestic and non-domestic Clients, did away with the role of CDM-Co-ordinator and made the new and different role of ‘Principal Designer’ mandatory to the project team.

The scope of the new regulations is outlined in the HSE publication "Need Building Work Done ?" which can be downloaded by clicking here. To download more detailed guidance from the HSE, the CITB and the advisory group Coniac on the role of the Client and the Principal Designer click here (Clients) and here by (Principal Designers).

The 2015 regulations are complicated and, as they are quite new, much of the detail of how they will be work in practice is expected to be established by the way that industry implements the requirements.

Fortunately, RAA have invested in training and research in order to be able to carry out the role of Principal Designer in additional to core architectural services, and to offer this service to our Clients.

The Principal Contractor, other contractors working on site and any other designers will also have duties under the new regulations. Similar to above, the current guidance can be downloaded from the CITB website by clicking here, but above all, each party has an important duty to co-ordinate with the Principal Designer.

Steel fixers reinforcing insitu concrete columns at our site in Tottenham - copyright RAA LLP