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David Uhlar :


  • Partner in Charge

  • Project architect | quality manager | web design | CDM-C

  • Qualified 1990

  • MSc Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art 1991

  • BArch(hons) University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1988

  • BA(hons) University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1985



David was born in Sheffield and has studied in Newcastle and Dundee.

He has worked in Sheffield, Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham, Northamapton, and London, contributing to projects ranging from bijou to mega scale. In addition to his work at RAA, these have included:

The News and Current Affairs Directorate - for the BBC at White City

The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum, South Kensington

Harlequins rugby club, west London

Overseas, he has contributed to projects in Spain, Hungary, Bahrein, Indonesia and Uzbekistan and worked for short periods in both France and Tunisia.

David acquired Robin Ashley Architects as a going concern in 2002, and has led its development to limited liability partnership status, with high standards of service, design and technical content.

He has a special affection for the development at Greestone Mount in Lincoln, saying:

"...this is a special site at the heart of the medival city, which was only delivered by the combination of a high quality design approach and a uniquely supportive planning side team to convince and overcome the impediments."

David is a member of the Franco British Union of Architects and has published in the architectural and sailing press. In the past he has been an occassional tutor at schools of architecture at the University of Sheffield, Leeds Metropolitan University and the University of Central Lancashire.

David - somewhere outsideNew apartments for sale at Greestone Mount in Lincoln