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Design Workshop - for all our projects:

...getting to grips with key aspects right at the start of the project.

Corporation buildings

Our 'Design Workshop' programme is a flexible intereactive format focussed on identifying the key aspects of your project at the earliest possible time.

Workshops are always specific to your project only and usually include one or two key members of the Client's team side, together with up to two architects from RAA.

They usually take place in our studio, where we have direct access to the full scope of our technical resources, knowledge base and equipment - although we can come to you if necessary.

Workshops are based on a simple single fee - agreed up front - so there is no ongoing committment or complicated appointment.

They will usually cover:

  • the scope for development, layout options, constraints and obstacles to progress
  • sustainability
  • planning submssions and obstacles to approval
  • routes to building regulations compliance
  • procurement route

We can draw in specialist input as required in respect of:

  • cost,
  • archeaology
  • structural or civil engineering
  • highways
  • building services
  • arboculture
  • etc

Workshops can normally be organised within 7 working days of instructions being received, and a summary report is generally issued during the following week.

You can get reliable professional advice in the shorterm. Contact us for more information.

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