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Pay by Paypal:

We find using the Paypal service is a great way to make payments directly to RAA without the need to exchange bank details or from outside the UK or by drawing on a credit card account.

Paypal is just about the the most established web based payment systems - and is already very widely used in the UK. If you don't already have an account follow this link to their home page. Setting up an account is straight forward for either individuals or businesses and payment can usually be made straight away.

As our invoices are rarely the same amount, we can't provide the kind of payment buttons with which will be familiar from on-line shopping. But to make a payment simply follow this link to the Paypal payment page, where you can arrange to make the payment by email.

All too ardous or just too techical ?

Just let us know and we will email the request for payment direct to you!

As payments are made via email both parties will have a complete record of the transaction, but neither need have any anxieties about disclosing bank details. Obviously, we don't control Paypal so you should refer to their website for their terms of service and legal aspects if you have any queries in that respect.