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Since 2002 we've helped more than 30 self builders realise their dream projects...

... including more than 20 new build houses and homes from conversions, more than 10 high sustainability projects and 100 projects extending and / or altering existing homes.

We know that some selfbuilders will want the satisfaction of laying just about every brick themselves, whilst for others it will be just as valid to manage the different design stages and each trade on a personal basis.

We are experienced in supporting self build Clients through the design process, over the obstacles placed in the way by the various approvals and funders, and by developing technical solutions which are matched to the skill set, procurement and the financial resources avialable.

Just as sustainability is playing a bigger role in all our lives, it is becoming more important in residential design generally, and particularly self build projects. We have established skills in sustainable design (follow this link) -which will help you choose between the true and the phoney - and identify what is both appropriate and affordable. Obviously, all our home project skills come into play as well (follow this link to our home projects page)

As we are all experienced self builders we are all very familar with the challenges that leave the average self builder tight on working hours and short of resources. In the summer of 2013 James completed his highly sustainable house enough to move in, David is (still) mid way through the 2nd wave of refurbishment of his C19 service cottage, although Sarah's Romanian school project was completed a while ago.

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