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Wild flower mix at roof level

The key issue for development in the 21st century

There is no doubt now that sustainability is already a major influence on all parts of development and that it will become even further to the fore during the foreseeable future.

Here at RAA we have a genuine skills based on live experience of delivering development with specific sustainability objectives.

These include:

  • Experience with real life commercial, residential and home projects
  • Scope of input which can range from achieving statutory compliance (which can be quite difficult enough) up to genuinely high levels of sustainability
  • Discrimination between genuine contributions and 'greenwash'.

We also offer accredited assessor services for the Code for Sustaniable Homes.

We are already seeing it become common for quite high levels of sustainability to be built into statutory approvals, but have already completed more than a dozen buildings where sustainability has been above the minimum statutory requirement.





Straw bale extension - ChesterfieldWindow - highly sustainable house - SheffieldStraw bale extension - SheffieldVanguard space - Dorset