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Working for us:

Some of the key operating principles of the practice include:

  • We work hard to achieve high standards, using the best techniques and technology available to us, to provide the best service we can to our Clients.

  • We all pull in the same direction, working to achieve the same result.

  • We work hard to treat other people with the respect we want to be shown ourselves, including our colleagues in the studio and other people that we work with.

We have a famously horizontal management structure which is based on the principle that anyone can carry out any activity that they are technically competent to perform. In practice this means that we can all do the washing up or bag up the recycling, but only the senior partner reviews the collateral warranties.


Work experience students:

Each year we take a small number of work experience students from local schools. We like all candidates to provide a CV and attend a short interview with a portfolio of relevant work.

Please only apply if you have a genuine interest in studying architecture at a higher level - otherwise it would be unfair on those for whom this could be a first step into the profession.


The people we're looking for!

All members of the practice need to be able to work quickly and efficiently, and manage time and resources for the effective attainment of discrete or ongoing objectives.

A consistent high standard of thoroughness is required together with the ability to co-ordinate work both within the studio and with external parties.

Everyone needs to be confident working with our networked PC environment, based on the Microsoft Small Business Server platform, and be able to use Ms outlook and office. In addition, technical functions require proficiency with AutoCAD Lt, Autodesk Design Review, Dassault Draft Sight and simple 3d modellers such as 'Sketchup'.

There is not a separate administrative role in the studio, so everyone is expected to work within the procedures of our quality system and carry out record keeping etc within a server based framework.

Not everyone can arrive with a full set of architectural skills, but they should have a working knowledge of the regulatory frameworks within which architectural design is carried out. We expect members of staff to show continued development which will improve their effectiveness as architectural designers and increase their contribution to the practice.Everyone should carry out the minimum mandatory CPD required by the relevant regulatory bodies and also be prepared to share knowledge or mentor others where it's appropriate.


Work here

Are you like us?

In the current dire market conditions we can't foresee making any further appointments on a full time or permanent basis.

However, there are times when we need special skills or just extra drawing power, so if you are at least a graduate with a good degree in architecture, or a chartered architect, we would be happy to keep your cv on file.

Click here to email your CV and samples of work to us, and we promise to look at them.